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A trademark is a known symbol that is sketched to represent the goods or services by a certain business and distinguishes them from those of other businesses. This can belong to a single person’s business or partnership or company. This trademark is usually found on the packaging, labels, receipts or on the actual goods produced by the firm that owns it. This sign can also be produced on business houses for identification of the concerned companies.

Various assets owned by an organization for business such as vehicles usually have the trademark designed on them. Businesses that were involved in baking were the initial businesses to have trademarks. Trademarks were then involved in the law so that particular lawful procedures could be followed or adhered to. This symbol usually represents only particular products and services that are offered by a particular brand. In some scenarios an organization may distribute a product or service that contains another organization’s trademark. This can only be done with the consent of the original company through licensing agreements.

The legal authorization allows for different registered organizations to produce and distribute similar products or services. There are conditions, however, that see to it that only a certain amount of the products and services and of a given quality are produced. Brand piracy occurs when an individual or organization uses a registered symbol to produce their own brands without consent of the owner of the symbol. If discovered, this illegal action may lead to suing. Vast countries usually direct for the registration of the trademarks under their particular companies. A trademark that is not registered and is in use is at times recognized. The business without a registered trademark does not enjoy full legal privileges.

The trademark is usually in the form of a name, phrase, pictorial symbol or a combination of to or more of these particulars. There are some cases where these symbols presented for registration may be denied due to given reasons by the law. The major use of trademarks is so as to have distinct identification of unique different products similar brands. Products and services are identified from a certain source by the use of the trademark used.

In the law, the trademark is usually considered to be some kind of property. In some cases, unregistered trademarks are usually limited in the expansion of the use. Firms can enjoy extensive and unique operation of their services by the acquisition of a trademark. A registered trademark also prevents piracy of the brand and offers legal solution in case of any illegality. Most people usually associate products to a given logo or trademark thereby making it an advantage to the business. Foreign trade is made possible as the fear of counterfeit goods and services is taken care of by the trademark.

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